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Company Profile

Exim Global Ltd is the sister concern company of RMK World Freight Ltd a leading freight house in the region. Exim Global Ltd is an international trading company located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. As specialists in worldwide sourcing and trade consulting for the export/Import market, we facilitate trading partnerships between our customers in Dubai, China and clients across the world.

We are a proud member of the RMK Group of companies, Founded in 2011; Exim is run by a leadership team with 3yrs of successful international trading and consulting experience. Besides Exim, the RMK Group consists of four separate corporate entities: the RMK World Freight Ltd’, RMK Tours & Travel Ltd, RMK real State Ltd, and JK Associates.

Exim provides its customers with unparalleled financial and trade support. With access to a network of 2000 factories in Bangladesh, we offer a wide range of business services to more than 50 existing customers in China, North America, South America, and Europe. Because of our ability to leverage vertical and horizontal integration, the Exim Global Ltd has established itself as one of Bangladesh’s leading trade and consulting companies—and we continue to build on our global success. Exim Global Imports and Exports is just the latest example of how Exim finds innovative ways to integrate East and West.

Company Name



: 2011

Company Location

Corporate Office

House 365/1 (3rd floor), Lane-6, DOHS Baridhara, Dhaka-1206. Bangladesh.

Register Office

Ocean Tower, Cha 73/2, Pragoti Sarani Road, North Badda. Dhaka-1212. Bangladesh.

Company Contacts

:+88 02 8410788, +88 02 8414898, Fax +88 02 8415893



 Web site

: http://www.rmkgroup.com.bd

Key Executives :

Mizanur Rahman (Chairman)


Md.Kamruzzaman Ibne Amin (Managing Director)


Md.Maznur Morshed (Director Business Development)


Maliha Imam (Director)


Farhana Imrose (Director)

Business Scope    

: Export/ trading of Human Hair, Buying Ready Made Garments and Food Item

Annual Turnover

: BDTK. 50 Million

Base Credit Limit


Bank Account      

: Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd 


The Annual General Meeting of Exim Global Ltd held on November 6, 2013 confirmed the number of Board members to be five (5) members. The following members of the Board were re-elected for the

period ending at the close of the next Annual General Meeting: Md. Kamruzzaman Ibne Amin, Md.Manzur Morshed, Maliha Imam, and Farhana Imrose for the period ending at the close of the next Annual General Meeting.

Mr Mizanur Rahman acts as the Chairman of Board of Directors of Exim Global Ltd.

Share Holding



 Number Of share

 Tax Consultant

 Md.Mizanur Rahman



Mr.Safiul Islam

 Md.kamruzzaman Ibne Amin

 Managing Director


 Md. Manzur Morshed



 Maliha Imam



 Farhana Imrose




Authorized capital

The Authorized Share capital of the company is Tk.2, 00, 00,000/ (BDT Two Crore only)

Paid-up Capital

The Paid-up capital of the company is Tk.10, 00,000/ (BDT Ten lac only)

Earn Trust with Business

EXIM is among the leading Exporter of Human Hair, Ready Made Garments Stocks in the China and Gulf continuously for 4 years.EXIM has been providing support and services to all major Importer,industries, contractors and traders in the region. EXIM is the authorized agent and distributor of SKY Faith Int. (China). SKY Faith is the main dealer of all ranges of Human Hair (Finished and Unfinished) and its accessories.

In order to cope up with the huge demand of the market, Exim trades material from all over Bangladesh.

Our Objecitve

Our objective is to become one of the leading market share holder in one of the most competitive market in the world.

Our Goal

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of our company.

Mission Statement

We are committed to provide our products at the right time at the right place with zero tolerance.

Vision Statement

To be referred as the most favorable company in the Human Hair and Ready Made Garments Stocks trading industry.

Our Achievements

The principles and standards of EXIM has made the company one of the most reputed

trading organization in Bangladesh and we are able to satisfy all our clients who are based in Chian, Hongkong, Canada,Dhabi,

Major Product Range

 Human Hair (Processed and Un Processed)

 Ready Made Garments

 Garments Accessories

 Frozen Fish

 LED Lights,

 General Goods


Our Valued List Of Overseas Trading Partner









Sister Concern Company

1. RMK World Freight Ltd

2. RMK Tours & Travel Ltd, 

3. RMK real State Ltd,

4. JK Associates.


Credit Facility

Credit Facility by with Other Bank other then DBBL is NONE

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